We usually get a couple of requests for all kinds of remixes every couple of weeks, but we don’t make the remixes. So Natasha () had this great idea about a section for people that remix songs and take requests, so that instead of having to go through us you could contact them…

Guys please read this and reblog it so that “remixers” (I invented that, please don’t be mad at Natasha, you can blame me for the inanity that it is) see this and if they want to be a part of it they can contact us :)





Dad said if this gets 600,000 notes I can get a American Eskimo Puppy like this one


I always wanted a dog. Please he doesn’t think its possible even though the chicken thing happened  He has money saved and is more than willing if it happens. 

bitch were getting you a puppy ok

#we are tumblr and we like getting people pets #and that’s as productive as we get